Yoga Classes

Cus20005We offer Yoga classes for small groups (up to 7 people). Dmitriy Gushchin is a yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience. He takes a personal approach with each individual student. There is no competition in the class. We do not see the practice of Yoga as a practice of stretching. Yoga is an amazing philosophy and a technique for spiritual development that helps to achieve balance on both the body and mind levels. We will concentrate on energy, physiological and esoteric aspects of Yoga asana, and breathing techniques. You will also learn health tips, eye exercises, improve your endurance, learn to maintain your energy level, and much more. We invite you to not only experience Yoga in class, but also to learn to apply the principles of Yoga to everyday living. To assist you in your home practice, see our DVD, Yoga for Beginners with Dmitriy Gushchin.

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