Dmitriy Gushchin ND-MS

  dimaDmitriy Gushchin, MS, ND is the founder and director of the Institute Of Russian Healing Arts, Inc., who started his professional career as a healer in 1989, in Russia. Knowledge of healing first came to Dmitriy from his great grandmother, who was a spiritual healer in the tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Dmitriy received his Masters in Sciences degree in Physics from the Perm University in Russia. This foundation gives him a strong scientific approach to all his practices. He also holds numerous certificates in the esoteric healing arts and philosophy from schools and classes such as the Clayton School of Natural Health, the Tibetan School of Immortality “Black Lotus,” Zalmanov’s Leningrad Health Culture Center, “Kandyba” International Cure and Training Center, and the New Hampshire Institute of Healing Arts. Dmitriy began practicing yoga in his childhood and, using his intuitive abilities, was able to train himself in various meditation practices, despite the fact that in Communist Russia, at that time, practices such as yoga and meditation were offences punishable by imprisonment. During his college years, Dmitriy was determined to find the right scientific approach to the phenomenon of healing and paranormal effects, and started practicing energy healing during his service in the Russian army, at the end of the 1980’s, where regular medical care was inadequate. After the army, Dmitriy continued his education as a Physicist, as well as working as an energy healer and massage therapist, and in 1989 started his own practice as healer and therapist, first as a holistic health practitioner and energy healer, and later as a teacher of esoteric philosophy, yoga, and the healing arts.

In 1992, Dmitriy moved to Boston, Massachusetts where, in 1994, he formed the Institute Of Russian Healing Arts, with the help of his friends, students and clients.

Institute of Russian Healing Arts, Inc.
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