Meditation Techniques

meditation1We teach a variety of unique meditative techniques. The most popular practices of our students are: Chakra Color Meditation, Chakra Sound Meditation, Chakra Animal Meditation, Controlled Meditative Training, and Energy Meditation In Motion “Black Lotus.” Chakra Color Meditation, Chakra Sound Meditation, and Chakra Animal Meditation are powerful tools to balance your chakra energy system, which results in deep relaxation and a state of physical and emotional well-being. Controlled Meditative Training is based on Taoist philosophy. This system is very flexible and allows you to choose your own goal that you want to work toward. Whether it’s a health issue, past life regression, or self-improvement, such as improving your memory or physical endurance. Another advantage to this technique is that it’s very simple and quick to learn, especially with the assistance of our Controlled Meditative Training CD

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