Russian Massage Therapy

services_massageWe offer the Russian healing style of massage therapy. This unique method integrates both eastern energy techniques and the western scientific approach to massage therapy. Special herbal-based natural oils are used to assist the healing process.

We start by applying a good amount of unique friction strokes to help muscles accept extremely deep work (if needed) with no, or very little discomfort. By balancing energy and spine reflexology techniques, we make your massage even more efficient. At the end of the session we usually offer a series of special passive stretching, which integrate your muscles to achieve the best possible results. Another type of massage we offer is called, Bio-Energy Systematic Massage, which is used to optimize the integration of the physical, energetic, etheric, mental, and karmic plains of your system. This technique combines deep tissue strokes with a special system of visualization, which helps you to achieve a state of, not only inner well being, but also of your daily relations with the external world. This unique esoteric technique is a combination of ancient secret practices collected from many different countries including India, China, Russia, Egypt, and Tibet.

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