Do You Think You Have or Had the FLU? Think Again!

Disclaimer: The following material is based on the personal research, experiences and beliefs of the staff of the Institute of Russian Healing Arts, and is not approved by any medical or dietary authority. Use this information only at your own risk. Please, consult your physician before using this information, especially if you are under medical supervision.


syringedropLet’s run a reality check. When your doctor tells you “you have the flu,” does he run any kind of viral test? Most likely, no.

What is common knowledge about the FLU? The flu is a set of symptoms caused by the influenza virus. Everyone knows that. We are bombarded with reports about flu epidemics and how important it is to get a flu shot. The World Health Organization predicts which strains of the virus are most likely to be circulating in the next (!) year, so big pharma can develop a vaccine that will provide “the best immunity” against these strains. Sounds good (especially for the bank accounts of the pharmaceutical companies). So why do immunized people still get sick? Last week CNN reported that the current flu vaccine is one of the most effective ones in recent years. It is 62% effective, which means that 62% of vaccinated people will have no symptoms of flu, or their flu symptoms won’t be that severe. Mmm…
Do you know people who don’t get sick without any vaccination? I do. And what do they mean the symptoms are not that severe? Again, I know a lot of people (who are not vaccinated) who get sick, but not as badly as others. So, how effective is flu vaccine then?

There are 3 types of influenza virus: Influenzavirus A, Influenzavirus B, and Influenzavirus C—all of which can mutate very quickly. So if a person was vaccinated with the predicted strains of the virus, what might happen is: the prediction is not accurate enough, or 2 weeks after vaccination all 3 strain types could mutate.

Let’s imagine the best possible scenario: The strains of the virus were predicted with amazing accuracy and all 3 types of Influenza viruses have not mutated yet. Is a vaccinated person protected from the symptoms of the flu? The cold truth is that “flu symptoms” can be caused by a large range of the viruses, such as the coronavirus, the human respiratory syncytial virus, the metapneumovirus, human parainfluenza virus, the picornavirus, the adenovirus, etc. Let me also mention that the coronovirus alone has 99 known (!) stereotypes. The adenovirus has over 50 (!) known (!) stereotypes. Oh… and did I mention that symptoms can be caused by a combination of several viruses as well? Is it any wonder that vaccinated people still develop flu symptoms?

There is no real treatment for the viruses I mentioned above from mainstream medicine. And don’t look to antibiotics. They are prescribed frequently but they don’t treat viral infections. So what can we do? The best answer is to make your immune system stronger! That is a discussion for our next article.

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