Basic Esoteric Teaching (Level 1)

ESOTERIC6We successfully started to teach these classes in 1990 in Russia. Since than, we developed a nicely organized curriculum, which is easy to follow. This knowledge was carefully collected from numerous esoteric teachings from around the world as well as from our own channeling experience. The Basic Esoteric Teachings Course is designed to optimize the connection between a person’s spiritual and physical worlds. The topics covered are:

  • Esoteric aspects of world outlook. Philosophy of possible human evolution. The Helen Blavatsky theory of the evolution of the human being.
    Levels of organization of the human being as a complex bio-system. Super anatomy of the human being: physical, etheric, energetic, mental, and casual (karmic) levels of organization.
    Nature, structure, and functions of the karmic body. Karmic law and the three types of karma. Methods that could be used for work with karmic body.
    Nature, structure, and function of the energy body. Energy-informative processes in a human body. Chakras, their interrelations and their connections with the evolution of the human being. Methods of Chakra diagnostics.
    Collective consciousness and the theory of Egregors.
    Nature, structure, and function of the etheric body, as well as practical applications.
    Nature, structure, and function of the mental body. Consciousness and intellect. The intellectual, emotional, and physical parts of human consciousness and their functions. Evolution of human consciousness.
    The human brain and its functional separation. Right and left hemispheres and their functions. Biorhythms and how to use them in healing.
    Types of trance states. Meditation in theory and in practice. Controlled meditative training.
    Psychosomatics. The psychosomatic chart of the human body in Russian Folk Healing.
    Many other themes can be added to the course, depending on the group’s interest.
    Many practical applications.

The above curriculum is Copyright ©, Institute of Russian Healing Arts, Inc. and cannot be used in whole or in part without permission.

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