Stella Posternak

stellaStella Posternak is the founder and director of Advanced  Mind Guide, an extension online of Advanced Solutions Advisors (ASA). She graduated from Shevchenko University of Kiev with Masters in Psychology degree. Stella holds numerous certifications in the area of alternative psychology and interpersonal communications, such as Certified Business Coach; Certified NLP Practitioner, and constantly participates in various advanced training courses with the best personal change experts in the world, including The Time Line Therapy training with Dr. Tad James; NLP Practitioner training with Robert Dilts; NLP for decisions and motivations with Richard  Bandler.

Utilizing her extensive knowledge, education and experience, Stella founded her private practice in Brookline and offered her clients a unique, in depth approach to solving their problems and achieving their goals. In order to further dedicate herself to the client’s well-being, Stella joined the Holistic Care Group, offering a wide variety of quality services.

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