Dimple Soman, Yoga Instructor

“Yoga is a relationship that one builds between the body, the mind and through their breath. Once you heal your mind, the body follows….”
as stated in the Patanjali Sutra, the original yoga text.

dimple profileBorn and raised in India, Dimple Soman is a dedicated Yoga Instructor who was trained and certified at some of the most prestigious yoga institutions, while living in the traditional city of Pune.  The city of Pune was where the Yoga Guru B.K.S. Iyengar practiced and trained Yoga and where the Osho Ashram of meditation is now located. Dimple believes in the school of thought that Yoga is not just a form of physical exercise but a series of stretches and compressions in the body to manage the entire endocrine system within the body.

Dimple has practiced and taught Yoga for over a decade, and trusts that Yoga is a very personal journey. There are no picture perfect poses in her mind, neither is one form of Yoga superior to another. Every body is different as is every mind, hence everyone’s Yoga is a promopersonal journey for them. Yoga teachers can merely guide you in the traditional values of Yoga, till you can make it a personal Yoga for yourself, she believes.
No study can be perfected within yourself and hence the need for a teacher to help and assist. While Dimple has practiced Iyengar Yoga for posture alignment, and Osho and Vipassana Meditation for slowing down the adrenalin, she has gained much from her passion for the Vinyasa flows, sometimes referred to as Power Yoga. Dimple has sought many teachers to help her in developing her Yoga and has achieved the following certifications and experiences:
• Certification from Param Yoga Institute (Pune) for Health Yoga, Pranayam (breathing series and techniques), Vinyasa Flows (Power Yoga) and Therapeutic Yoga.
• Certification from Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher.
• Pranayam certification from Kaivalyadham Institute of Yoga.
• Performed Vipassana Meditation
• Conducted several Corporate workshops for “Stress Management”
• Conducted several Yoga sessions for Women Health
• Conducted regular Yoga sessions for special children, and
• Organized and delivered Yoga Retreats in several parts of India including Goa and Pune.

Although Dimple has learned, gained and practiced several forms of Yoga; her personal experience has led her to believe that Yoga is a way of life to achieve a special sense of calm, especially relevant in today’s mechanized and hectic lifestyles. Her current classes best be described as Gentle Flows of Yoga. There is special emphasis to know your own Body, Mind and Self. The class would focus on light and effective stretches, importance of deep breathing, restorative asana’s by evoking your endocrine system, relaxation and unification of mind and body to gradually achieve supple mobility and overall strength. Dimple has always succeeded in making her students feel relaxed and invigorated, at the same time.

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