Urine Monitoring

Disclaimer: The following material is based on the personal research, experiences and beliefs of the staff of the Institute of Russian Healing Arts, and is not approved by any medical or dietary authority. Use this information only at your own risk. Please, consult your physician before using this information, especially if you are under medical supervision.

On our way to good health, it is important to monitor our progress. In the article, Healthy Diet Guidelines, we have urine_testdescribed several monitoring techniques, such as monitoring sensations after meals or the condition of your nails. Here we would like to discuss another very important technique - monitoring your urine acidity.

The most important indicator of health is good condition of the blood. Especially important is a good acid/alkaline balance. Because urine acidity has a direct correlation to the acidity of the blood, as well as to how balanced the work of your kidneys is, it is a good idea to monitor your urine acidity on a weekly, or even daily basis, if you feel the need. This test is very simple and very informative, and can be preformed for the simple cost of pH-paper, available for purchase from Institute of Russian Healing Arts, or your favorite health food store.

A long-term misbalance of blood acidity may lead to minor or major heath conditions. Knowing whether or not you have a chemical misbalance is the first step to restoring it with the help of healthy eating habits, Herbology, Homeopathy or other techniques!

Please be advised that we recommend this test as a monitoring procedure only. It should not be used for diagnosis or treatment of any disease. If you have any questions, please, contact your doctor.

To monitor your urine you should be without food, or food products for a period of at least three hours. It is OK to drink water during this period. Take a piece of pH paper and insert it into urine. After a few moments, the paper will change color. Please, mach the paper to the colors and numbers on the chart on the container.

A good, healthy reading is green colored, (6.4 on the scale). This reading shows a balanced body chemistry. Dark blues indicate that your system is too alkaline. Bright orange-yellows indicate, that your system is too acid.

In most cases, the last two situations suggest that you may need a correction of your eating habits. Please, do not panic, since very often a urine test will show acid results. You may find helpful hints in the article on Healthy Diet Guidelines. If this does not meet your needs, it may be a good idea to see Dmitriy, or another health practitioner you trust.

Thank you and Good Health!

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